We all live in a consumer society. The fast pace of life makes us unaware of how our actions affect andthreaten the environment. Research has shown that when shopping an averagefamily uses more than twenty bags, all of which are then thrown away and end upin our environment. Virtually every corner of the world is polluted withplastic bags in rivers and seas, on trees and underground. It takes centuriesfor these bags to decompose, so it's high time we changed our ways.

Let's change our shopping habits and start using bags and other products made from bioplastic. Rather than lying for years and years in rivers and seas, on trees and underground,bags made from biodegradable materials will decompose into CO2 and water. Thisis a simple way for us to make a small but important step towards keeping theplanet clean for our descendants.

So make an informed choice: use bioplastic bags and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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