The advantages of our materials

The materials in our product mix are aimed mainly at thermoplastic foil manufacturers. They are distinguished by high quality structure and manufacture, resulting in high quality end products. The granulated structures that we use have several different bases, enabling us to offer a range of materials suitable for various uses.

Distinguished by a large processing window, our granulated structures can be filled with a variety of environmentally-friendly substances in accordance with European regulation EN13432 and our certification. They are also flexible enough to be mixed with other materials. The structure of our materials places them in category A of materials available on the market.

For the most part, the products made from our granulated structures are thermoplastic foils, which in turn are used to produce high quality bags. The products are distinguished by high elasticity and strength as well as a very limited smell and a certified suitability for contact with food. Another thing to remember is that thanks to the purity of the biostructure, our products are clear and durable.

The range of granulated structures in our product mix offers the perfect choice for any thermoplastic foil manufacturer.

We also strive to offer our customers the best price-quality ratio.